Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Springtime Giveaway Carnival - Coming Soon!

Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers is hosting a Springtime Giveaway Carnival. A few weeks ago I won a full year of preschool curriculum for Bekah. It was so cool to win. So I thought I would join in and offer a giveaway on my blog during the Springtime Giveaway Carnival.

And don't bother asking what I'm giving away. I'm not telling until Monday. Just mark your calendars and stop back to see what you could win here as well as all the other great giveaways during the carnival.

And if you want to join in and give something away, it's easy. You'll find all the details at Heavenly Homemakers.

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  1. I'll be watching! Thanks again for the onion string recipe, they were yummy. The next day I used the buttermilk to make biscuits and they turned out yummy too with a slight hint of onion flavor! Miss you guys.


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