Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Police Station, Courthouse & K9 Unit

Little Explorers, our local homeschool group, headed to the Police Station and Courthouse for a behind the scenes look. Here Rebekah sits in the front of the cruiser. Hopefully she will never be in the back seat. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures inside the police station. The dispatch office was cool. Lots of high tech stuff to monitor. The holding cells were small and dingy. The kids were glad the officer wouldn't open a cell for pictures.

Court wasn't in session today, so the kids had the court room to themselves. They each pretended to be sworn in and even got to sit in the Judge's chair and bang the gavel.

The highlight of the day was the arrival of the Sheriff's K9 Unit. Below the deputy is showing the kids all of the dogs uniform and tools. She is holding up a bullet proof vest. The vest was purchased for her dog by a 12 year old boy who collected change in his community. The dog also has a badge, ID card, special collar and leash.

Here Edge (the dog) and the deputy run a scenario where Edge has to located a contraband substance. There were three boxes on the grass and there was no question which on Edge thought was it. He was scratching and going crazy.

It was an interesting trip. I think the kids learned quite a bit about some of the civil servants in the community. Then we all headed down to the canoe launch for a picnic lunch. The weather was fabulous and everyone had a good time - the kids running and playing in the big field and the moms just hanging out chatting.

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