Thursday, April 2, 2009

Helping Spring Along

Here in New Hampshire spring has a way of taking its own sweet time to arrive. There is still lots of snow almost two weeks after the first day of spring. And it is not the pretty white fluffy stuff either. It is the dirty, wet, just nasty snow that will create mud season in a few weeks. And that it is another post entirely.

Back to spring. Everyone in the family is eager for the bright sunshine, blue skies and warmer temperatures to arrive. So I though we would help move spring along with a fun craft project.

These paper stained glass window ornaments came out so beautifully. You can see a full tutorial here. It was Hannah's idea to make butterflies and dragonflies. How cool is that?

So even if we still have snow for a few more weeks and wont see flowers in our gardens for even longer, we have a window full of spring flowers.


  1. These look like fun! I think the boys would like the dragonflys.


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