Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nature Challenge #3

The girls and I have enjoyed our nature study over the last week or so. I love to watch spring arrive. After the long New Hampshire winter there is so much anticipation - waiting for the snow to melt, the temperatures to climb and maybe hit 50, sighting the first robin and so forth.

Well, we had temps in the high 40's the other day and the robins were singing, so we headed out to see what other signs of spring were around. The snow melt has created numerous springs and ponds around the house. The girls love to watch the ducks swim in them and I love to watch the girls. We didn't see many ducks this day, but we found something even more special. . .

The first flower - a lovely purple crocus. Luckily I had my camera and snapped a picture. The girls were excited to come home and record their discovery in their nature journals. Both of them completed a page including the photo we snapped and their own drawing. As the girls drew, I read the section on the crocus in the Handbook of Nature Study. Did you know that a crocus is not a bulb plant? I didn't. It comes from a corm. Go figure.

These moments when we can explore, learn and laugh together are so precious to this mama. They are the memories I hold dear in my heart and I hope will decorate the hearts of my children when they are mamas themselves.

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