Monday, April 27, 2009

Rain Art

With Hannah's infatuation with the weather,I have been trying to come up with ways to tie weather to other areas of our day. We all love to craft and create around here so I thought Rain Art would be the perfect weather related craft. Mother Nature even cooperated and gave us a day of rain.

This project is so easy to do and give such awesome results. Start with a heavy piece of paper such as watercolor paper or card stock. We used 12x12 sheets of scrap booking card stock. Next draw a picture with WASHABLE markers. The more color you have in the picture the better. Next, put your drawings out in the rain and watch the magic transformation. If it is raining hard, you may want to keep a close eye on them. Bring your picture in when the desired effect is reached. Lay the pictures on a flat surface to dry completely. That it!

As you can see in this simple flower drawing, the before and after are dramatically different.


  1. This looks like fun...unless you have to wait a long time for it to rain=:) It's been so nice latley!!!

  2. I really like this idea!!!! It's raining here today, so I know what we're going to do!!!
    xo maureen

  3. Hey thanks for this, will give this a go.. there's plenty of rain for it! x


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