Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Embroidery for Everyone!

I introduced my two older girls to embroidery a few months ago. Both of them loved it and enjoyed the craft. Sarah made a gift for her best friend and Hannah is working on an ABC book for Rebekah.
Here you can see both girls busy working away on their projects.

I never would have thought to introduce embroidery to Rebekah, you know she is only two. However, then I read The Creative Family by Amanda Soule and my perspective on Rebekah and embroidery all changed. (Actually the book has had a HUGE influence on me, but that is another post coming soon as I review the book.) Rebekah is having a wonderful time embroidering just like her big sisters. She keeps asking and signing to do more - more. She concentrates so hard. Just take a look at her working. Too cute!
She is done with her first piece and we are planning to turn it into a pillow. Together we picked out the fabric for the frame and back that complimented the floss colors she used. We will probably tackle that project tomorrow.


  1. Nice job Bekah!! Your little friend Emmy would definatly not sit still long enough to blink, I am impressed!

  2. Great job girls. I honestly wouldn't have thought to let Carrie embroider either, but Bekah is doing such a great job! I can't wait to see the finished product.


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