Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Skirts

When I ordered our Easter dresses from Ringger Clothing, Mrs. Ringger had a few pre-made items for sale. I couldn't resist the little yellow skirt for Rebekah.

Jump forward a couple of weeks. I was in Walmart and found a bunch of fabric remnants for only a $1.00. I snatched up a few to make Rebekah a couple more spring and summer skirts.

Using the little yellow skirt as a pattern, I made my own pattern on news print. The little blue floral skirt is the first one. Not bad for a dollar skirt. (I had the thread and elastic left over from other projects.) I think I need to make a few adjustments but all in all it turned out great and Rebekah loves it.

I have another piece a little bit bigger so I am hoping to make a skirt and matching kerchief.

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