Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Herbal Sore Throat Remedy

Sarah came home from a sleepover exhausted, loaded with junk food and a sore throat. She had a great time, but was now paying the price. She needed more than tea with honey. Dad was sure her throat and tonsils were covered in white spots. We needed to make a decision. Head to the ER or treat her at home. Not being a huge fan of the over prescription of antibiotics, I headed off to the herbal medicine cabinet.

I remembered saving a post I had seen for a Strep Throat treatment. The treatment received rave reviews with lots of success stories. So we mixed up a batch and set to treating Sarah. She took a dose every half and hour for three hours before going to bed. To everyone's surprise she woke the next morning feeling much better. We continued to dose her every hour for the next three hours and then every two for the next six hours.

Less than 24 hours later and Sarah felt completely better and no white spots to be found!

So what is this simple, natural Strep Throat treatment, you ask? I'm happy to share, you will think it is too simple. But trust me, it worked.

2 Tbsp Raw Local Honey
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
8 cloves of garlic - crushed

Mix all the ingredients together. Take 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp every 30 to 60 minutes. Don't wash it down, you want it to coat your throat. You may need to double this recipe in order to have enough to last the 24 hours.

That's it. Simple! Natural! What else could you ask for?

There is science behind this remedy. Honey is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal substance. It is also coasts the throat. The cayenne is a rubefacient, which causes dilation of the capillaries bringing blood to the area. The garlic is a potent immune system booster.

This remedy is one we will be keeping around. It is empowering to know that we are able to take care of our families successfully. I'd love to hear about your successes with herbal medicine. What are your favorite remedies.

I shared this post over at the Homestead Barn Hop, a great place to share and find tidbits to help your little homestead grow.

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  1. Wow this sounds awesome! I so like it when you can use all natural ingredients instead of store bought medicine.

  2. That is so neat! I'm always amazed at natural remedies! :)

    I was trying to send you an email about gardening and I sent it to your AOL address listed in your profile but it comes back deliverable :(

    Do you have a different email??

    Jami Leigh

  3. Woah! When I first read the post I saw it as soar throat remedy (funny how your brain does that lol) and just saw it's for strep throat! Even more impressive. I'm tucking this information away for later :)

  4. I love tried and true home remedies!!! So glad I didn't have to use it though, considering my daughter was at the SAME sleep over!

  5. This is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. I have saved it in my household binder for when I need it.

  6. Hi Elizabeth, :)

    This would be such a great post to share on Wildcrafting Wednesday! I hope you'll join us. :)

    ~ Kathy

  7. Thanks for sharing this...it will come in handy in the future.

  8. This is good for throat i also share my friends

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