Monday, April 9, 2012

Growing Celery

I finally broke down and got a pinterest account! Why am I telling you this? Well, I have some some amazing ideas, this being one of them. We love celery. It ends up in lots of things we make, and of course it is a quick and easy snack all by itself or paired with hummus, nut butters, cream cheese and the like. So when I discovered you can grow your own from the discarded end, I just knew we would have to try.

First get yourself some nice organic celery. Cut off the end. The original directions said to soak the end in a saucer of lukewarm water over night. But I forgot. And well, we really didn't have the patients for that either. I'm glad to say it didn't matter.

As we still have snow covering our garden and the nights are at freezing we thought it a good idea to plant in a pot. We placed an unbleached coffee filter in the bottom. This stops the dirt from escaping. Then we filled it with some good organic seed starting dirt. Place the cut end of the celery cut side up and cover with some more dirt. About an inch deep.

Water and wait. Waiting is the hard part.

But we didn't have to wait long. This is our celery about a week after we planted it. We saw shoots in about three days. It still has a long way to go before we'll be munching on our own homegrown celery, but I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Now I wonder if we will be able to grow another bunch from this one?


  1. That is awesome!!! I saw that too but didn't think it would actually work :) Now I HAVE to try it.

  2. I have wanted us to try celery but thought that it would be to hard. Thanks for a really good post!

  3. This is wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing. I had no idea you could do this and I plan to give it a try ASAP! Celery is usually so hard to grow but this looks easy!


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