Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WIP Wednesday

WARNING: If you are not ready to get hooked on another crafting project STOP reading NOW!


I have been wanting to try this for a while now and just didn't have the push I needed to buy supplies and get started. That all changed when I had to make shirts for Doug to take to school. Just the motivation I needed and I didn't even feel guilty about spending the money because this was a need. And now I have some leftover supplies to play with.

The concept is simple. Cut a stencil out of freezer paper - bold, clean shapes work best. Next place your stencil shiny side down on your prepared fabric. Place another piece of freezer paper shiny side up under the fabric. Iron the stencil, this will gently adhere the freezer paper to your fabric. Next using high quality fabric paint, fill in your stencil. Let the paint dry over night. Pull up the freezer paper and whoa la! Follow the directions on the fabric paint to set the design. This usually includes ironing the design to heat set it.

It was so simple! It was so much fun! The designs came out crisp and clear! I would love to show you what I made, but it's top secret. But you can rest assured that I will be freezer paper stenciling soon. And those I will share.

Someone made a great suggestion to stencil over the stains on clothing to give the article new life. I can already think of some shirts that will be reborn with cute stencils covering the stains.

PS: A big thanks to Cori who let me borrow her Cricut to make my stencils! What a cool toy!

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