Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Birding

Spring has sprung and all our feathered friends have returned from their winter vacation down south. So a bunch of us headed into the bog to see what the feathered creatures are up to. It was a chilly start to the day at about 35 degrees, but it soon warmed up. A perfect day.

We were blessed to have two a Sarah's birding friends, Dixie and Lisa, join us. They are both such a wealth of information. Not to mention they brought the spotting scope and bird calls. The spotting scope brings the birds up close and personal, especially exciting for a new birder. At one point we had the scope on a Baltimore Oriel nest and saw the mama and papa flying in and out of it. Too cool! Thanks Dixie and Lisa!

Here is one of the many Oriels we saw. They are beautiful birds! The orange and black is so vibrant, especially this time of year when the male is trying to attract his mate.

This Yellow Warbler was nice enough to come out and pose for us.

We saw a lot of Eastern Kingbirds. This is a male with his black head and white tipped tail.

Above is a Warbling Vireo.

This Black and White Warbler followed us along the path. He was as interested in us as we were in him. He would sit on the branches right above our heads. I love his black and white markings. So striking and regal.

It was a great day! We spotted more that a dozen different species of birds and two active nests. There was also a painted turtle and snake spotted, alson with racoon and moose tracks. So much to see in the bog! We will be heading back over the weekend.


  1. What an exciting day of birding! I love the pictures. Would love to see a Baltimore Oriole in person. They look so beautiful.

    We discovered that 2 of the eggs hatched in the nest in our yard. Very exciting for us!

  2. So fun! We saw most of those too! I just didn't know the names! Can't wait to go back!!


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