Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wash Wednesday and WIP

The weather has been just perfect for hanging laundry out to dry. Warm and sunny! I took advantage and washed some fabric for some up and coming projects ~ these bread bags, this sundress, a few items for my shop, and a laundry apron. I love the sight of fabric blowing in the breeze. A pure and simple joy. Of course as I looked at the pieces of blue, green, yellow and rose fabric I started seeing many, many projects that I hadn't thought of before. There could even be a quilt in these pieces. But then there would be on dress nor apron. I guess one will have to wait and see where inspiration leads.

And of course there are all the towels from a jump in the pool and a dash through the sprinkler. The girls love when there are lot of towels and blankets on the line. Then they can lie on the hamock tucked in a cacoon of sweet smelling laundry. It is the perfect place to hide from a little sister and read a book.

Ah the lazy days of summer.

Wash Wednesday is a photo challenge over at the wonderful blog Garden Mama.


  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photo for wash wednesday : ) I think everyone agreed that a hammock among the line is a beautiful and inspiring idea!


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