Monday, May 10, 2010

Violets, Violets Everywhere

A violet by a mossy stone,
Half hidden from the eye,
Fair as a star, when only one
Is shining in the sky.
William Wordsworth

There have been an abundance of violets this year. The yards and meadows have been full of them. Down the road there is a place where one would think a blanket woven of the finest violet yarn has been spread ready for a picnic. And it has not only been in the world around us that violets have been abundant. It seems everywhere I look I am seeing violet. Many of my favorite blogs to visit have been sharing wonderful sounding recipes using violets. I just knew we had to try a few before these beautiful flowers are gone. So off we went after dinner to pick violets. It was chilly but a wonderful time searching for these little beauties. Of course everyone had to try one. I had to limit it to one, or we never would have made it home with any to turn into these wonderful creations.

Violet Jam - Soule Mama
Violet Syrup - herban lifestyle
Violet Cooler - 5 Orange Potatoes
Violet Lemonade - 5 Orange Potatoes
Candied Violets - Henriette's Herbal Homepage
Violet Ice Cubes - Ceres Secrets

And of course violets are beautiful on top of cakes and cupcakes!

Do you have any ideas for using violets in the kitchen? I would love to hear them. The girls and I have had so much fun with these recipes. And from what I understand violets are good for you as well. Lots of vitamin C in these little beauties.

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