Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simple Woman's Day Book

FOR TODAY ~ Tuesday, May 18th

Outside my window...The sun is shinning and the birds are busy at the feeder and the chickens are pecking in the grass.

I am thinking... How much I love the quiet mornings when I can grab a cup of coffee and a few peaceful moments to myself to pray and organize my day!

I am thankful for... For everyday! Kelly, a dear young lady I knew via The Wellness Tree blog, recently passed away leaving her husband and soon to be two year old son. It makes one realize how precious every day is. I am going to focus on the small stuff ~ the joy, smiles and laughter found in the simple moments of my day with my children and husband. We often forget how precious and short those moments can be.

From the learning rooms...preparing for he end of year. This year we are going to take end of year test instead of having a portfolio evaluation. Something new and a little daunting for the girls, but I know they will shine.

From the kitchen...Whole wheat burger buns, tortillas, pumpkin coffee cake and hot pretzels.

I am wearing... My favorite white blouse, my long denim skirt, and my favorite floral apron, my uniform of sorts.

I am creating...Wool felt eggs, a dress/shirt for Sarah and cloth feminine pads. And I need to get to work on designing curtains for the kitchen and the bath.

I am going... to slow down this week. Hannah will be out for sewing class and we are headed to friends for the afternoon and dinner later in the week. Other than that we will be homebodies.

I am reading... or thumbing through would be a better way of putting it: One Yard wonders, Weekend Sewing and Weekend Knitting - lovely inspiration!

I am hoping... That the fact that Rebekah slept through the night last night wasn't a fluke, but the start of something wonderful.

I am hearing...Nothing but the songs of the birds outside and the rhythmic breathing of my little one still asleep. Beautiful, peaceful quiet!

Around the house...Tackling my desk. It needs a good hulling out!

One of my favorite things... Knitting. There is something so relaxing, so meditative about the whole process of knitting. The rhythm of the needles. The feel of the natural fibers. The sense of making something useful and beautiful.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Craft, Cook, Garden and Read!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

A moose from our Saturday morning walk in the bog.

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  1. I always look forward to your Day Book posts. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a great week! Love the picture of the moose.

    PS: I need to get with you about the feminine pads. I have a pattern printed but find it a daunting task, deciding on what fabric to use, etc. :-)

  2. Enjoyed your daybook. Have a great week.

    Amy @ http://missionalmamassoul.blogspot.com/

  3. I enjoyed your daybook. Your "From the Kitchen" sounds wonderful!


  4. Neat photo capture! Looks like he posed for you.

    Looking forward to visiting again :)

  5. thank you for sharing such a wonderfully calm day. I like the moose photo...I have been trying to catch the dear little foxes that live under my neighbor's shed for weeks, so I know what a gift it is to capture nature in this way!


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