Thursday, May 20, 2010

$10.00 Challenge

Here is the latest $10.00 challenge. A quick shopping trip tonight at Shaws. Funny thing is we ran in for shredded cheese that was on sale and of course I had coupons but they were sold out. So we got a rain cheque for that and pick up these items instead. We spent $8.92 for the eleven items, so about 81 cents each. Not bad for organic lemonade, ice cream and strawberries. We will be heading back for more lemonade as it is FREE with coupon and I have six more coupons!

And if you live near a Shaw's Hellmann's Mayo is on sale for $2.49 starting tomorrow. Pair that with this $.75 coupon that doubles and you get your mayo for $.99. And that's a good deal.

How is your grocery shopping / budget this month. I would love to hear about your great deals or any tips you may have.


  1. We only go to market every couple of weeks as it is a 30 minute drive and we try to minimize our gasoline usage. I actually haven't stepped foot into a chain grocery store for a long time. We have a smaller grocer that we go to to avoid all the temptations :)
    You found some amazing deals.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  2. Thanks for the coupon! I have it printed and ready to go! Where is that great lemonade coupon???


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