Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Simple Woman's Day Book

FOR TODAY ~ Tuesday, May 25th

Outside my window...The sun is shinning and the birds are busy at the feeder and the chickens are pecking in the grass.

I am thinking... Being a wife, a mother, and a homemaker. It saddens me to see how these rolls are being pushed aside for something "bigger", something "better". When really is there anything truly bigger or better than being a wife and a mother? I find so much joy in taking care of my family, feeding them, keeping a home for them. I can't imagine doing anything else. It truly is an honor.

I am thankful for... My beautiful family, our wonderful friends, and the gorgeous place we live.

From the learning rooms... Ordering our end of year tests, as we have decided to take that route this year. Finishing up math with Sarah. The last book club for Sarah. Selecting a new family read-a-loud.

From the kitchen... Tortillas with the "new" press, oatmeal~wheat bread, coffee cake, and pineapple pie. And on the dairy list - finish the kifer, yogurt, and mozzarella. And I am going to try my hand at kombucha.

I am wearing... My favorite white blouse, my long denim skirt, and my "new" floral apron, my uniform of sorts.

I am creating...I just finished the square for A Blanket of Love, I cried and prayed for this little boy and his father. I've cast on Sarah's sweater, but haven't gotten very far yet. I also have some bread bags and a laundry apron in the works.

I am going... The the ocean later this week. We have a homeschool field trip with the coast guard leading a tour of two light houses. The girls and I can't wait. I love the ocean.

I am reading... or thumbing through would be a better way of putting it: A stack of Mary Jane Farm magazines that a friend lent me.

I am hoping... To get the rest of the garden planted and that we wont have a frost. The peas, spinach, onions, and broccoli look good so far.

I am hearing...Nothing but the songs of the birds outside and the rhythmic breathing of my little one still asleep. Beautiful, peaceful quiet!

Around the house...A good mopping of the kitchen floor and scrub of the tub and then its outside. The wood shed needs a good hauling out.

One of my favorite things... Lemonade! I seemed to have forgotten how delightful a tall cold glass of lemonade is on a hot day. The pantry is full of bottles of organic lemonade I pick up for a song last week, but now I am thinking we may need to make some homemade.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Bike ride with the girls, Sew, Knit, Cook, Garden and Read!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

My City girl wasn't sure what to make of this snake that just wanted a kiss.

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  1. Just dropped by from the Daybook group. Thank you for the visit, I feel as if I've been 'home'. Lovely!

  2. Enjoyed reading through your daybook. Such a wonderful window into your life.

    I'll have to return, to ask question about the cheese & yogurt making. I have an abundance of goat's milk!

    Not so sure about the snake picture, but then we see a lot of copperheads. No kisses, please.


  3. I love being a wife, mother, and homemaker too! It really is a blessing to care for others.

    Have a blessed week.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning.

    In enjoyed visiting your daybook ... I'll be back, I'm sure! I can assure you that my girl would be in hysterics from that kiss!

  5. Enjoyed the visit today, what a nice entry, except for the picture. Gracious, I wouldn't live to tell about that one! :o) Blessings to you!

  6. I am visiting from the daybooks,I enjoyed your daybook, I also knit and went to the site blanket of Love..What a wonderful way to give to others. Loved your picture at the end..


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