Sunday, March 15, 2009

Daddy's Little Helper

I posted a few weeks ago that we were redoing our upstairs bathroom. As we have an old house, 110 years or so, no project is ever as easy as it should be. The bathroom is no exception. So in the end our weekend project turned into almost a month! And to be honest, the help Rebekah was so eager to give might have actually slowed us down.

Rebekah thought all of the tools were toys! She had a great time hammering, scraping, painting, and more. Above she is using the screwdriver to help dad ripping out the old floor. As you might have guessed by her outfit, she should be sleeping!

Below you can see the two of them hard at work in the respective corners. I had to keep them separated as they didn't play all that nice together. Actually, they played nice but didn't get a lot done.

The bathroom is now done except for the shower curtain. I had to special order the fabric and it hasn't arrived yet. It is a hard space to photograph, but I will try to get after photos posted soon.

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  1. Yeah, its done. I don't have to wait for the photos, I can come over. Hehe


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