Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gratituesday - A Good Samaritan

The girls, my day care charges, and I were out and about running errands today. Now there is nothing unusual about that. However, after stops at the post office, bank, TJ Max, Lowe's, and Walmart everyone was tired and the littles were getting cranky. So when we all piled into the car when were we finished at Walmart you can imagine my frustration when the car wouldn't start. And of course the jumper cables were NOT in the back of the van as my daring husband had used them on his van last week. So now what?

I ask the man sitting in the truck across the lane from us. No cables. I asked the man in the plow truck who had just come out of the store. No cables. Now time is ticking. I really don't want to unload all of the kids to head back into Walmart. I am trying really hard not to loose my cool as well as trying to figure out what might be wrong with the van. And all the while whispering a prayer and hoping for a quick and painless answer. Tried to start the van again - still no luck.

OK here comes another man who from his looks (coveralls and John Deer cap) might just have jumper cables. Praise God he does and is HAPPY to help a stranded woman and her brood of kids. He was pleasant, polite and actually grateful that he could be of service. How refreshing! In a day and age when most people want to be waited on, and see serving others as beneath them, it was a beautiful reminder of God's call for all of us to serve Him and each other.
So today I am grateful for those who willingly and joyfully serve when and where they see a need. And especially for the gentleman in the Walmart parking lot this afternoon.

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