Friday, March 13, 2009

Little Explorer's International Night

Our local homeschool group, Little Explorers, held its 5th annual International Night last week. It was huge success! We had 14 students representing 9 countries. The students put together displays including reports, time lines, maps, hands on projects, costumes and more. One of the high lights were the photos and video from two students who had recently been to Italy and Greece.

The night started off with a pot luck dinner. Each family brought a traditional dish or two from the country they studied. The food was AWESOME! Then the children went on a world wide scavenger hunt. Each child submitted questions about their country that could be answered from the information on their display. Everyone had a great time visiting each display and answering all the questions. A few even brought their scavenger hunts to be graded! We ended the night with a trip around the world where all of the students brought their passports to be stamped by all the attending countries.

Above is the girls display about Ancient Greece. You can see the Minotaur Maze and the Greek Pottery they made. They included a timeline, map and lots of information about daily life. One of the most interesting parts of their display was on all of the Greek gods and goddesses which they then compared to the God of the Bible. I wish I had gotten a good picture of both the girls in their costumes. Maybe I will have to have them pose for a shot here at home.

Above is the display on Ireland. Below is another display on Greece. This family was recently in Greece and had tons of wonderful pictures and an awesome video. We should all be so lucky to visit the countries we studied.

And then there was the display on Mexico.

And finally the whole group!

Everyone did a wonderful job. It was a ton of fun. Thanks to all the guests who came and made the evening even more of a success.

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