Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Greek Pottery

The girls have been studying ancient Greece for both TOG and our local homeschool group's International Night. Here they are making Greek Pottery, only the pottery is old plastic containers and paper mache.

The girls tried a wide variety of plastic containers in all shapes and sizes to get a form that closely resembled some of the pieces of ancient Greek pottery pictured in there school books.

Paper macheing the forms was messy and a lot of fun. This step took a couple of days as we let the pieces dry overnight between the layers.

Once the paper mache was dry it was time to paint. Once again the girls looked a books and online photos to help them decide on a design.

Sarah's pot on the left depicts much of the sea life that was such an important part of Greek culture and survival. Hannah's pitcher has a geometric design. While messy and time consuming this was a great project. The girls really enjoyed it and the results are terrific! Great Job!

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