Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Little Book Worm

Rebekah has always loved books and being read to. We often find her "reading" a book on the couch, in a chair, or on her bed. But we have never found her on the bookshelf. That was until today!

She cleared off the bottom shelf, grabbed herself a pillow and curled up with her favorite book. I guess she wanted to be within reach to grab another when she was through with the first.

I love that all my children love to read. I think reading to them early, family read alouds, and home educating them has helped instill this in them. Of course it doesn't hurt that they see mom with her nose in a book frequently as well.

It is my hope that they will always find enjoyment in the word of books.


  1. Too cute! Love the pic!! I think I might be able to find Emmy curled up in the snack cupboard with all the snacks she could ever want! The book shelf would be a close second though!!

  2. Oh,She look so comfy. And enjoying her book too. I wish I could curl up with a good book like that.


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