Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gratituesday-A True Friend

Ok, I know it isn't Tuesday, but I didn't want to let this slip by. This week is one of those crazy weeks were your schedule keeps changing faster than you can mark it on your calendar. Doug's schedule has him double booked twice this week, which leaves me to cover a dinner and breakfast shift for him. Of course that leave the question - who is going to cover me? Well, that is who I am so greatful for this week. Our dear and crazy friend Selena jumped at the chance to watch my children, my day care charge, and make my family dinner. What a blessing she and her boys are. With only about three hours notice she showed up early, this was great because it was snowing and I didn't know how long it would take me to get to work. So I left her with six kids three two and under in diapers. They all got naps had a great day. And to top it off when I returned home the table was set and dinner was waiting. How blessed we are to have Selena and her family in our lives.

Thanks Selena, Maverick and Jonathon!

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  1. Hey, don't forget to tell I got a bag of wipes out of it. Want a wonderful warm thank you. Any time I can help out family, just call.


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