Monday, May 4, 2009

SEE Science Center

After a picnic lunch at the fishway, w bunch of us headed over to the SEE Science Center for a ton of hands on exploration. The girls new best friends came with us, so I had the pure joy of having 6 wonderful, giggly young ladies to share the afternoon with. Made for a longer time wise much must shorter feeling car ride home.

I'm not sure what this orb thing is, but if I remember correctly it has something to do with electric current and its attraction. I love the intent look on all their faces, almost trance like.

The pulley exhibit was one of every one's favorites. There were two next to each other (one a little easier than the other) and the kids and moms had a great time racing to the top. I wonder - Does that count as my upper body work out for the day?

Rebekah, our aspiring musician, loved all the noise making exhibits. Here she is playing the pipe xylophone. This really did sound cool and even I could play a few songs - Mary Had A Little Lamb and Pop Goes the Weasel. Rebekah danced to those.

This was the color shadow wall. Not a great picture as I think the flash messed with the colored lights. But the girls all thought it was great and danced for quite a while. Reminds me a little of a high school dance circa 1970.

To end on a shocking note we all attended the static electricity demonstration. Don't you just love Sarah's new do? It was really cool when in order to show how fast electricity travels the demonstrator had everyone for a long chain. When we felt the electric currant we had to say our names. Well, as you might have guessed everyone was yelling their name at almost the exact same time. Pretty cool.

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  1. Looks like a great place to visit. I love Sarah's hair!


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