Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Garden Update

Well, we took the plunge and started planting. Here you can see a row (well almost a row) of onions, white and red. We finished off the row with broccoli. The second row starts with broccoli and then we added our green mix that just had to get in the ground. It is actually ready for picking. Yeah!

Everything looked great and made it through the first night. We were all so excited and ready to plant more. Then we checked the weather report. You guessed it FROST! and not for one night but for the next five nights. Obviously we didn't plant anymore and we needed to protect what we had in the ground.

Here is the garden tent. We have since added a few taller stakes to keep the plastic off the plants. We have had four nights of 30 degree nights and so far so good. Everything is still green and growing.

Memorial Day is right around the corner so hopefully the entire garden will be in soon. The weather man is promising nights in the 50's by the end of the week. I can hardly wait.

Keep updated on others' gardening progress or share your own green experiences at the Seed To Harvest Challenge.

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  1. I do hope everything makes it. I was working on my garden today with my sister. We hope to have remedied our failing tomato plant by moving it to a new location. Pictures and post to be on my blog by Friday!



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