Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Frog Pond

Today we headed over to Tin Mountain Conservation Center for a program on ponds. The children and I just can't say enough about their programs and staff. We always have such a good time and learn a ton from their programs.

We started out in the library their beautiful building on Bald Hill. Josh Potter "quizzed" the kids to see what they new about ponds and the kinds of animals that might live in or around the pond. Josh has a bunch of really cool items to share with the kids - turtle shells, snapping turtle and beaver skulls. He also read them a cute story.

The turtle shells and the two skulls were passed around the circle. I don't think Sarah was to keen on holding the skull. On the other hand Hannah thought it was pretty cool and took a much closer look.

When we finished inside we headed outside to hike down the pond. Sarah was excited to see her "new" friend Erica again.

Once down at the pond the kids started digging up pond muck and dumping it into wash tubs. Do you know how much stuff lives in pond muck? It is pretty gross and I don't know if I will ever let my feet touch pond muck again. And to think as a kid I loved to play in pond muck. Hey, maybe that explains a lot.

We ended up catching leaches, nymphs, salamanders, side swimmers, and lot of other BUGS, but no frogs. We did see one little green guy, but he wasn't going to be caught. Go figure!

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