Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Making Music - Cello

The second week of music classes with Mountain Top was an even bigger success than the first week. Mountain Top does a wonderful job introducing the instrument, giving tidbits on musical notation and scales. The best part is opportunity to play the instruments. This week was the cello, one of my favorites.

Four at a time the children get a chance to play the cello. The instructor helps them with the proper way to hold the cello and bow. Then they play a short song based on the notes they learned. Last weeks song had just two notes while this week's had four. The children not playing sing the song and help count out the rests.

Sarah, being the littlest of the BIG kids, had to use a cello quite a bit too small for her. You can see it looks a little awkward. But she still thought it was really cool.
Next up was Hannah. She loved the cello and now want to take both violin and cello lesson. Luckily they are related and would be easy to learn both. But not to start. She will have to chose one.

After all the children had their turn, the mom's even got a chance. How cool is that? Of course I couldn't snap a picture of myself, but you can see some of us over at the Kelley family blog.

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  1. This looks so amazing! What a neat opportunity to get hands-on with instruments that most children would not normally get to experience. I love it!


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