Sunday, May 24, 2009

Birding from a Canoe

For the last week of birding in the bog we headed out in canoes to view the birds from the water. Not sure about taking three girls in a canoe by myself, Doug came with us. Sarah jumped in Dixie and Lisa's canoe which was just fine. The rest of us were in one with Doug in the back steering, Hannah and Rebekah in the middle, and Mom up front paddling. As you probably guessed, Rebekah didn't last long with Hannah and moved up with me, which left Hannah to paddle. Which actually worked out great, except that I couldn't get very many pictures. I was afraid I would drop either my camera or Rebekah in the bog.

I love this picture of Lisa, Sarah and Dixie. I'm not sure what Lisa is pointing out, but all eyes seem to be on it. These two women have been so wonderful with Sarah. I'm not sure if Sarah's passion for birding would have developed into what it is without them.

Now while I have truly enjoyed our birding adventures, I must admit that I prefer birding on land. I found it hard to paddle, hold Rebekah, find the birds and then zoom in on the little feathered creatures with my binoculars. Maybe next time I will sit in the middle of the canoe and leave Rebekah with friends.

Our next two birding adventures will be on land, and not at the bog. Hopefully we will see a lot of different birds that we haven't seen yet.

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  1. Looks like fun! Did you see any new varieties from the water?


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