Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Making Music - Guitar

We were back at Mountain Top Music for another class. This week was the guitar! Quite a few of the children had some experience with this instrument. And as always they couldn't wait to strum a few notes. I thought it was funny to ssee all their little toes tapping away after last week's drum class.

Hannah has really enjoyed these classes. I think music lessons may be in her near future. The only question - What instrument? She has loved them all and would like to play them all. I hope she just realizes how much time, effort and PRACTICE it takes to play an instrument well. But you know what. I really can't worry about that. The experience is priceless, just look at her face.

Here Tiff, Tyler, Maggie, and Christian get their turn to strum a few bars.

Here is a video of the girls strumming along with the instructor. I think Sarah was little nervous and really didn't play much. No surprise that Kyle played the most.

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