Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garden Update

Oh how I was hoping we would be able to plant our garden this week. Our seedlings are quickly out growing their starter trays and I would love to have my kitchen table back. However, the weather is just not cooperating as it should.

This morning when I woke it was only 32 degrees and there was a layer of frost, yes frost on May 12th! I am so glad that we hadn't put the plants in the ground. It has been hard to wait. So many of my cyber friends have already had their first harvest from their gardens. Oh to live in New Hampshire where the growing season is SHORT! Oh well. I am not really complaining, I'm just ready for summer. I'd like to put the hats and sweaters away. But I digress.

The veggies and herbs that we started indoors from seed do look good. And we should be able to get them in the ground in a week or two. They say Memorial Day is safe bet. So we wait until then.

Here are the perennial herbs by our kitchen door. The tarragon looks better than it ever has. And the chives look good considering how much Becka eats. She loves to go pick a few pieces to eat and then tells everyone how spicy it is. It can't be too spicy as she keeps going back for more.


  1. I just haven't gotten into the gardening thing in the last year since I've been renting and working :( I miss having my own house.

  2. The plants look great. Our garden isn't doing so well, the kids (Nelson), and nightime critters (?), keep digging in it.


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