Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I just love lilacs. My grandparents had beautiful lilac bushes in their yard and I remember them bringing bouquets of lilacs to my mother. They made the house smell so nice. Now I am lucky enough to have my own lilac bushes. And every spring I can't wait to bring a huge bouquet inside. They still smell so sweet.

I brought this bouquet in today and was pleasantly surprised to see both the girls take an interest in it. They moved it to the kitchen table and were busily sketching. I love their finished interpretations of lilacs. Sarah - always the realist. Hannah - with her own unique take on the world. I cherish their differences, their uniqueness and individuality. My hope is that I as their mom am able to give them what THEY need.


  1. Both the sketches are wonderful! Sure wish my computer were scratch-n-sniff! You're making me want some lilacs!


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