Friday, May 22, 2009

Beach Day

The first day to reach 90 degrees called for a trip to the beach. White Lake State Park was the perfect place to spend a beautiful day. About seven families from Homegrown Explorers met for a day of frolicking in the water. I still can't believe the kids were swimming in May. You can bet I wont brave the water for another month or so.

Rebekah was taken aback by the HUGE sandbox. I don't think she remembers the beach from last year. She spent hours digging and filling her bucket. She didn't even care when Deklin dumped an entire shovel of sand on her head!

Hannah did manage to get Rebekah into the water for a while, but she definitely preferred the beach. I think it was a little too cold for her.

Sarah on the other hand thought it was great. Of course the big kids have to go pretty far out before the water is deep enough to swim. But that is one of the features that make this such a great family beach. No worries of the little ones getting out too deep too fast.

The views were awesome. The beach was mostly deserted. The bugs were kept at bay by the gentle breeze. The new playgrounds were very cool. And the company was the best. I'm predicting there will be many more trips to the beach this summer.
You can check out more pictures from the day here.

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