Monday, January 19, 2009

Sewing Projects! I hope I didn't bite off more than I can Chew!

Lately I have been considering making more of our clothing. This is for a variety of reasons.

First, most of what is out there in the stores is well, just unacceptable. My wonderful young daughters don't need to look like the latest rock star or Bratz doll, thank you. They should look like little girls and young ladies.

Second, Sarah is extremely hard to fit - tall and thin. We did have the wonderful people Ringger Clothing make Sarah a few custom items. And while they are wonderful and I will continue to shop with them, it is not economically feasible to get entire wardrobes for the four of us from them. Also with the new CPSIA legislation they may not be making clothing for children mush longer. The whole CPSIA mess is another story.

Third, clothing is expensive especially for what you get. The price continues to go up and the quality continues to decline. Even with my limited sewing skills I know I can do better, at least I hope.

So while we were visiting my in-laws this past weekend, Joann's Fabrics was having a wonderful sale on fleece, flannel, cotton prints, and more. Patterns were only 99 cents! I just hope I didn't go over board. It is no savings if y0u never complete the projects. Here is the fabric we bought.

The plan is to make two jumpers for Rebekah will matching doll dresses, a dust cover for Doug's printer, an apron for Hannah (that's the horse fabric), fleece jammie pants for Sarah, and two jumpers for myself. To help keep myself accountable I will post pictures as I finish each project.

My mother and grandmother both sewed beautifully. I hope that at little bit of that talent got passed down in my gene pool. I regret we never had the time to sew together.

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