Monday, January 12, 2009

Mama's Little Helper

I know it is her birthday, but Rebekah really does like to help out around the house. Her newest chore is sweeping up in front of the wood stove. For those of you who have wood stoves, you know that this is an ongoing chore. Rebekah is up to the challenge with the broom and dustpan set she received for Christmas. She does a wonderful job and finds satisfaction in a job well done.

I find it so important that my girls learn what it takes to run a house. It seems anymore that people don't feel that homemaking is a "real" job. I truly believe it is one of the most important jobs a woman has, along with being a wife and mother. The girls and I work along side each other to make our house a home. We enjoy the time together, the many hands make light work, and I know that they will be equipped to manage their own homes someday.

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  1. Hello. Found your blog through the Ringger and Co newsletter. Happy Birthday to your little one. She looks like a great helper.

    Have a blessed day


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