Monday, January 12, 2009

Look Who's 2!

It's hard to believe that Rebekah turned 2 today. Where does the time go? Rebekah is such a joy and a blessing to all of us. She is so sweet and full of love. She is quick to give a hug or a kiss. She also gets very concerned and sad when someone leaves. She has lots of friends including Owen, Jonathon, Micheal and Emmy. But I think she still favors her big sisters', Sarah and Hannah, company. And of course she tries to keep up with all their antics as well.
Here is a look at how our little girls has grown these last two years.
Here she is in the hospital not too long after she was born.

Rebekah wasn't quite sure what to do with her birthday cake. She did like the candle though. We gave her a little cake all for herself and she still wouldn't "dig in". She really doesn't like to get her hands dirty. As my mother-in-law says, I finally got my "girly girl".

Here she is today a big two year old. She likes to tell everyone she is two and holds up her thumb and first finger. Sarah made wonderful chocolate cupcakes from scratch with a peanut butter surprise in the center. They were really yummy. You can find the recipe here: Rebekah still doesn't like to be messy. This year it was frosting on her nose!

Happy Birthday, my beautiful angle. We love you so much and thank God every day that He blessed our lives with you.


  1. Happy Birthday Bekah!! Emmy loves the pictures of you and wants to give you a hug and kiss!! Hope you had a great day!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Happy Happy Birthday~~~


    Jonathon, Nathan & Vanessa!!!

  3. Happy BirthDay to you,Happy BirthDay to you,Happy BirthDay dear Rebekah, Happy BirthDay to you!


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