Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gratituesday: A New Place to Relax

We have been in need of a new sofa for a long time now. We have had our love seat for over 10 years. It isn't much more than a wobbly frame with an old quilt thrown over it. It has moved numerous times with us, seen the growth of our family, served as the scratching post for our two (naughty) cats, and seen too many daycare children come and go to count. It didn't owe us a cent, but then we didn't have enough cents to buy a new one.

Well Saturday, when the girls and I returned home from running our errands, you can imagine my surprise to find a beautiful sofa in our living room. Turns out that someone had left two sofas at the transfer station before they were open and the sofas were blocking the road. So the police were called. Luckily my husband was the officer on duty. So that is how we came to have a new sofa.

We are so truly blessed. God does take care of all our needs especially if we are faithful and wait for His timing.

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  1. It looks wonderful. God is so good, and His timing is perfect.

  2. What a beautiful couch! It looks great! It's always amazing how God provides not only our needs, but sometimes our desires too. He is so good!

  3. God is so GOOD!! What a wonderful blessing. Enjoy!

  4. Yay, a new couch!! I love when God knows exactly what we need and drops it in our lap!!!

  5. It is wonderful how He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. His time not ours!! What a beautiful couch.


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