Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sewing Project #2 - Children's Aprons

Hannah and I made her apron today. It was a great snowy day project. This one went together so quickly. Start to finish was only about an hour.

I made Rebekah's a few weeks ago to give her for her birthday. I didn't have help on hers and it took about and hour and a half.

Hannah's horse fabric was some of the fabric we purchased when Jo~ann's was having a big SALE. Her apron cost a total of $4.00 including fabric and notions. I know it would go for a lot more than that at any of the local craft fairs. Hey, maybe I'm on to something? I do know I will be making some for gifts in the near future.

The girls are excited to wear their aprons for household chores and meal prep. I'm hoping the aprons will help keep the mess down. I probably shouldn't get my hopes up too much. I am just excited that they enjoy helping around the house. But then what mother wouldn't be.


  1. The aprons look great, maybe an easy sewing project for the group??

  2. Love them... we are hoping to make some soon!


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