Friday, January 9, 2009

Hitting the Slopes

Sarah decided to snowboard this year. Here she and her friends head to the bunny slope for the first time. I don't think any of these girls has been on the bunny slope in years. However, it was a good thing that they started here today. The first time down looked more like bottom boarding than snowboarding. All of the girls had a hard time staying on their feet. It wasn't long until all the girls were getting the hang of it. You can see Sarah got the hang of it pretty quick. They even headed up the mountain before the day was done.
Hannah is staying on skis at least for the time being. She is skiing with a great group of kids and parents. She had a great time on the mountain. Right now I'm in the lodge with Rebekah so I didn't get any pictures on the slopes. Rebekah and I may head over to the bunny slope next week and we will see how she does. Who knows, we may all end up on the mountain this year!

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  1. We love to ski, and now can hardly wait for our ski trip early in February.

    The saying here is THERE'S NO FUN LIKE SNOW FUN !

    Grace & Peace,


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