Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gratituesday: Running Water

The temperatures here in NH have been frigid. We usually don't head out of town and leave the house when it is this cold. However, my father-in-law was scheduled for a quadruple bi pass, so out of town we headed on Friday.

Jump to Monday, we arrive home to find that we have no water. Our pipes are frozen. Not this is not at all unusual in our 100+ year old house. The strange thing was we couldn't get them thawed and the water running even after the house was warm. We decided the problem must be under the house in the crawl space. Of course the only way to get there is through 4 feet of frozen snow and ice. That project would have to wait for tomorrow. So the girls started bring in snow to melt down for water to wash dishes and flush toilets. They thought that was pretty cool. All along my husband and I kept praying that the pipes were just frozen and not burst and running water under the house.

Tuesday morning my husband set out to dig out the bulk head. That project was quite a big one and time wasted as it would turn out. He couldn't reach the water pipes. On to plan B. Inside he took up the floor in the laundry room where the water enters the house. Much to our surprise we found heat tape around the pipe that just needed to be plugged in. Running water was only a short five minutes behind. No burst pipes and now we have the electric heat tape accessible. Praise God for his protection and provision.

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  1. Whew!! That is indeed a blessing. I love that your girls had fun with it.


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