Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dandelion & Violet Lemonade

Rebekah and I have been loving the Herb Fairies books!  We are both learning so much.  And they sparked an interest in wild foraging for Rebekah.  She is always bringing me plants and asking, "What can we do with this one, Mama?  Is it edible?"  Don't you just love that?  Of course I'm so glad she comes and asks insted of tasting first.

A couple weeks back I stumbled across a recipe for Dandelion & Violet Lemonade, and I just knew that we would have to give it a try.   We kept trying to get out to harvest violets, but the rain and Sarah's play foiled many of our attempts.  Finally this week we made it.  I love this little patch of violets out behind the chicken coop.  We are still in our yard in the middle of town, but it feels so remote and magical.  Rebekah got right to work harvesting the violet flowers for her lemonade and munching on the violet leaves for a little snack!

Next the dandelions.  We have NO shortage of these beauties.  They seem to be everywhere this spring.  Funny, as a kid I loved them and then grew to see them as an annoying weed, now I love them again!  It took quite a few dandelions to fill our jar half full.  Both of our fingers were stained a lovely yellow by the time we were done.  Rebekah thought that was just fabulous!

Then we headed inside to add some fresh lemon juice as well as the peals to our flowers.  It was looking and smelling yummy already, but of course it wasn't quite done.  We needed to call on a little magic from the sun to finish off our yummy drink.

Oh so carefully, Rebekah carried her Dandelion & Violet Lemonade to the back yard and picked a sunny spot for it to brew!

It looked so lovely.  It was hard waiting.  Isn't that always the hard part?  But we did.  I sat out there the rest of the day until supper time.  When Rebekah, once again oh so carefully carried it inside.  We both had a glass with supper sweetened with just a touch of honey.  It was so good!

Don't forget you can find the complete recipe as well as come nutritional information on both dandelions and violets over at Blissville Living.

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