Friday, April 2, 2010

Mail Delivery

I am always so touched by the generosity of the blogging community. There are tons of giveaways of all sorts. There are many that I enter hoping to win. Unfortunately, I don't win. Well I actually have won one!

A while back there was a wonderful giveaway on Heidi's blog. It was filled with so much goodness. Sarah and I both entered and crossed our fingers. Guess what? We didn't win. However, Heidi was so touched by all the comments she received she offered to send everyone who entered a small gift. I emailed her and told her she didn't have to send both of us something. We could share. She said that was ridiculous and we would both get something.

Jump forward to yesterday and look what arrived in the mail all the way from South Africa!

Now by my standards this is not something small. This is something fabulous!

There were homemade row counters for both of us. You can find Heidi's wonderful tutorial here so you can make one for yourself or one to give.

Two beautiful skeins of yarn in the most beautiful color ways. How did she know our fondness for blues and greens?

Two butterflies that the girls want to embellish for our nature table display.

The South African stamps are beautiful. And it took 40 stamps to send the package to us. I am just overwhelmed by her generosity.

Please stop by Heidi's blog and check out all her wonderful tutorials. She is a very special lady.

And if you are looking for a giveaway to enter hope on over to Garden Mama. She has a delightful interview and giveaway from Kreativ Spiel. Perfect little wooden figures for a nature table or play. You'll be sorry if you don't take a look.


  1. How amazingly sweet. Beautiful!
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  2. That yarn is beautiful! Wish I had entered!

  3. How wonderful, and what a nice thing she did!

  4. Hi friends... sorry I haven't made contact before...things are a bit all over the place at the moment :) You are both welcome ladies, I am so glad you liked the colours! Thank you for so generously doing a post and linking my are very kind, thank you :
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Love, Heidi :)


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