Saturday, February 6, 2010

Woodworking With Dad

Doug received a lathe for his birthday and had been having fun experimenting with it. And when dad is interested and playing the girls just have to see what it's all about. Nosy aren't they? Well, being the great dad that he is he of course let them get right in on the action.

Above they are checking out some of the bowls already complete and trying to decide on a design for the next one. Happy with their design dad preps the wood.

Hannah's up first. It looks like it is snowing, but really it is wood shavings.

A final sand of the inside and out and it's almost done.

Sarah wasn't sure of the lathe in the beginning, but she got the hand of it quickly. You can tell she is just starting. The bowl is still a solid piece of wood.

Up close!

Here are the finished bowls. One for each of the girls including me. Each one is as different as the girl who made it. I think they are all beautiful. And lucky me. I received the one with the lid made especially for me by my honey.

They are the perfect little bowls for ear rings, rings, pins, knitting markers, pennies and other little treasures. The next project is a salt cellar and then a set of little bowls for Rebekah's kitchen. What would you do with a little bowl?

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