Friday, February 26, 2010

Wooden Book Marks

We are a family of bibliophiles! Books are a passion for all of us. They are all over the house, actually taking over the house, but I don't mine.

Today, Doug surprised us all with wooden book marks. All of us personalized our own book mark. Dad's with a big "D". Mom's with a little inspiration and flower. Bekah with her name and a bird. Sarah made hers to look like a snowboard. Hannah's has a purple "H" and flowers.

Of course when I went to take pictures I couldn't find Sarah's and Hannah's book marks. Would you believe they had already found their way into the books the girls are reading.

And if you are wondering what we are reading now as a family - the answer.

This is the third book in The Mysterious Benedict Society series. We have loved them all.

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  1. The book marks are too cute. I love that you took the time to personalize them as a family.


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