Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sheet to Lounge Pant

Sewing is something I enjoy but am not very good at. Finding fabric isn't always easy either. We only have one fabric store and they are really a quilt shop and only have quilting cottons. and of course there is the cost of nice fabric. So what's a girl to do you ask? Shop the dump store and thrift stores for items you can re purpose.

This funky stripe was originally a bed sheet. Now it is a pair of lounge pants for Sarah. The mustard cuff was the top of the sheet. I love the detail it adds to the pants and I didn't have to hem them! Sarah gets a lot of lounge pants made for her, because we can't buy any to fit her. Tall and skinny! Oh to have such problems. And when I can make a pair for nothing, nada, zip, zilch how could it be better?

And not only does it help out the family budget but it really is a green product as well. If we hadn't rescued the sheet from the dump store it would have ended up in the dump a couple of days later.


  1. Love the pants! I made the kids sleep shorts using Dad's old shirts! I love recycled clothes!!!

  2. very cute! i used to make all of Sophie's dresses from scraps and sheets and anything i could find when she was a baby!


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