Friday, January 29, 2010

Skates for Boo

Rebekah knew just where to go when she decided she wanted skates like her sisters. She called gramma as soon as we got home from skating last week. She knew the older girls had gotten their skates from gramma and was sure gamma must have her skates. Well in true gramma form a package arrived today for Rebekah from gramma. And you guessed it . . .

Skates! Pink skates! And just the right size!

This picture says it all.

Rebekah tried them out on the carpet in the kitchen. She actually stood and walked pretty well in them.

It was too cold to head to the rink today. But you can be sure that as soon as it gets a little warmer all of the girls will be using their new skates.


  1. LOVE the pink skates Bekah! I need some of those for myself!!

  2. What a sweet story. The skates are so cute, as the skater!
    Luciana (hands follow heart)


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