Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm a Big Girl Now!

It was both a sad and happy moment as I packed up all the cloth diapers. Yes Rebekah is a big girl now using the potty! I am happy to see the diaper stage gone . . . again, but a little sad that my baby is getting so big.

The cloth diapers are now on their way to another home. I will miss seeing them on the laundry line this spring.

If you have never considered cloth, you really should for so many reasons. They are so much more economical. We spent just over $200.00 from new born to potty trained, and that includes quite a few expensive Fuzzy Bunz that you could do without. Cloth diapers are so much better for the environment. A quick search of the web will give you tons of information about the benefits of cloth diapering.

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