Friday, January 29, 2010

For the Birds

We woke this morning to single digit temps and gusting winds. The girls were concerned about all our feathered friends in the woods, so we decided to make them a treat. Peanut butter and pine cone feeders are nothing new, but they are fun and sticky to make.

Each child had their own sheet pan, bowl of peanut butter, ramekin of seed, pine cone and knife. The sheet pan greatly reduces the mess and helps keep it contained.

Rebekah had never made these and was very excited. In her usual style she was focused and precise. The peanut butter layer had to be just so.

And as for sprinkling the seeds, every inch of peanut butter had to be covered with all the different types of seed.

Hannah was a pro having done this before and finished her feeder before the rest of us had the peanut butter on.

The rolling technique worked well.

A quick run outside was all we could take. The mercury had only climbed to 9 degrees. But now we have some beautiful feeders on the tree across the drive. And we can watch our feathered friends from the window as we cuddle by the wood stove.

You can see more of our pine cone feeders over at Sarah's blog. And stop by The Magic Onions to see what others are doing to explore nature this time of year.

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