Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yarn Along

Wednesdays are becoming one of my favorite days. I just love participating in Ginny's weekly Yarn Along. It's a time to share what we are knitting and reading. Oooo two of my favorite things. And the best part is to sit down with a cup of tea and visit all the other lovely ladies and be oh so inspired. My project list as well as my reading list has grown almost out of control from all the wonderful suggestions. You really should take a minute to see what these creative ladies are up to.

And so for my contribution this week: another pair of socks! I didn't get to try two at a time but at least one sock is done and the other has a toe, well sort of. This is a simple pattern I contrived myself. My first attempt to really write a pattern and it, or at the the first one, turned out just the way I wanted. We'll see on the second if what I wrote down, is really what I did.

Thanks to the library and some good friends I have a stack of books to read. America's cheapest Family was lent to me after I taught a class on how I feed my family of 5 on $80.00 a week. I'm always looking for ways to pair down the spending and increase the living! Can't wait to delve into this one.

Another friend lent me, or should I say I absconded with, The Backyard Homestead. Oh dreaming of my little slice of heaven on earth, a little farm with oh so much going on. Well, I am hoping to add a little bit more reality to that dream, pigs I hope. A few fruit trees would be nice too.

Easy to Love Difficult to Discipline was recommend by another Yarn Alonger, is that what we call ourselves? We've been having some rough spots around here as of late and thought I'd at least thumb through this book and see if it offers any insight.

And of the little one, The Princess in the Forest. We are big fans of Sibylle von Olfers! Love, just love her books.

So looking at the list above, if you don't hear from me for a while you can bet I'm curled up in front of the wood stove with my knitting, pile of books and a cup of tea. Ok so even if it only happens in five minute bursts it sounded lovely. And a girl can dream.

Don't forget to join in the fun and share what your knitting and reading. We'd all love to know.


  1. I finally remembered to start following your blog before I left a comment! I have been meaning to do that for weeks. Your sock looks great :)

  2. I'm getting so many great book ideas today! America's cheapest family sounds good!! Let us know how it is! OH, and one can never have too many socks :).

  3. Your socks are really pretty. I have to second MJ, please let us know how America's Cheapest Family is. I have been wanting to get this for awhile.

  4. cute socks! I hope the second one turns out just right!

  5. I really look forward to wednesdays too :0)
    It really inspires me to keep on with my knitting.
    I love the green socks, such a pretty springlike colour, perfect for this time of year.
    It's funny because our book this week was another one of Sybille von Olfers "The Root Children" :)

  6. Really nice socks...I am going to look for a tutorial on the Magic Loop method today, as I have some rainbow Felici from KnitPicks and a baby with deserving little feet!

  7. Love that variegated yarn. Just beautiful for socks! The Princess in the Forest is a favorite of ours too. :)

  8. I picked up America's Cheapiest Family in Barnes and Noble one day. Just in the 5 minutes I spent with that book I could see how drastic they cut back and the work and skill that goes into living so financially aware. Wow!! They are amazing and inspiring.

  9. I'm curious to know, how do you feed a family of 5 on $80 a week? We're struggling to feed a family of three (the third being really, really small) on $160 a week... and if my husband does the shopping, it somehow costs $40-60 more. Sigh.

    Will you post your original sock pattern if it turns out the way you want it to? : )

    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

  10. Wednesdays are fun, aren't they? :) I know it's kept me in a knitting phase longer than normal and I'm still having so much fun with it!

  11. Oh your sock looks great and way to go on actually making the pattern on your own! I hope that your second one is knitting up just as good :) Looks like some really good books to!

    I'm off to read your grocery budget entry above. We are a family of 5 to and spend between $175 - $200 every two weeks so I'm going to see if I can find some tips to shave down the cost some more *grin*. Have a lovely weekend :)


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