Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sewing Bee ~ Snack Mats and Baggies

So excited to be joining in the fun of the Sewing Bee sponsored by Adirondack Mama. This has been just the inspiration I have needed to get back to the sewing machine. Last week I shared the quilt I am working on. Thank you for all the kind comments~I truly treasure them. I didn't get time to work on the quilt this week. A hard job in our little house. There is only one spot large enough to spread it out and that spot was never available - well except at about 3am.

And with Valentines Day I thought I would sew up these lovely little snack mats for the girls.

These were such a quick and fun project. And there is something so special about having your afternoon tea and biscuit on a special little mat. We have also taken them to the ski mountain to have our lunch on. trying to keep some of those nasty cold germs away.
And while we're talking about lunches at the ski mountain, here are the little snack baggies I sewed up. They are great for packing everything to a sandwich to cookies. You can find an amazingly easy tutorial for these little baggies here.

Hopefully, next week I'll be back with some progress on the quilt. I have a quiet day coming up ~ I think.

Don't forget to stop by the other Sewing Bee participants and see what they are working on. It's inspiring.


  1. So cute! Thanks for sharing the snack bag tutorial. :)

  2. cute Elizabeth! i am planning on making some of those pockets! we have not had a sandwich bag and have quite a bit of scrap fabric. i love how simple and washable they are! you will have to give me some help with the mats, though!

  3. Wow -- we bloggers are like-minded souls! I made up similar snack mats for my kids last summer. And last fall, I made those fabric baggies using the same tutorial. You have to love those quick, instantly gratifying projects.

  4. love the snack mats, nice work.

    We love those bags too - it is a great tutorial and so easy - I was just thinking yesterday I should whip up some more.

  5. Your snack mats are very cute, and I love the fabrics for the snag bags - especially the green and yellow/orange ones. Nice work!

  6. Those snack mats are adorable and I love those baggies! I might need to make a few. :) Thanks!

  7. Such a great project! I've been thinking about reusable snack bags for awhile now - thanks for the tutorial link.

  8. I love your snack mats - what a great idea! I think I will make some too.


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