Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Simple Family Christmas Tradition

One of our family's favorite traditions is making the yearly Christmas tree memory disk. We started this the year we moved into our house and have been making one every year since. It is simply a disk cut off the bottom of the Christmas tree. We then sand it smooth and add the year. Some are simple written with marker others have little drawings, and some are stamped with year and design.
Each one holds special memories and it always amazes me what the children remember about the specific trees. Most of them we have cut down ourselves. But a few, the ones with the holes in them, came from the local cider mill. Those years we weren't able to cut our own tree as mu husband had major back surgery. Those trees remind me of how blessed we are and how amazing God is and that his provision is always more than enough. A great thing to be reminded of this time of year when so many seem to want to much not even realizing how rich they really are.
These simple ornament hang in the windows of our living room. They are a daily reminder of Christmas's past and those still to come. They are definitely one of my favorite Christmas decorations.


  1. what a wonderfully sentimental idea! These must be so special to get out each year

  2. This is such a cute idea :) I just might have to borrow it *grin*. I can't wait to show my husband when he comes home :) Have a fantastic weekend!


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