Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Crafting - Pomanders

We are all having so much fun with our Christmas count down. The girls want to open the bag first thing in the morning. Of course they aren't thrilled when they have to wait to make the craft until after school work and chores are done. Bu that's part of the fun - the anticipation.

We made pomander balls a few days ago. They smell divine. Every morning when I walk into the kitchen the smell of clove and orange greets me and I think I must remember to post this simple craft for all of you. I love crafts like this because everyone from mom down to Rebekah could participate (without help) and totally enjoy the process.

You will need

  • citrus fruit - we used oranges and clementines, but I have seen lemons used as well
  • whole cloves
  • tooth pick
  • ribbon
  • pins
  • embroidery floss
Simply begin by using the tooth pick to make holes in the peel where you want to place the cloves. Your designs can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. They can even be the random pokings of a three year old. They all turn out beautifully.

Next push a clove into the holes.

At this point, you could display your pomanders in a bowl. We chose to hand ours so we added a ribbon bow to the top which we held in place with a pin. To hand them we wrapped embroidery floss around the orange about three or four times making sure we crossed the floss at the top and bottom. Tied it in a knot close to the fruit and then another a few inches higher to create a loop. The bow hides the knot.

Here the girls are showing off their finished pomanders. I love their different expressions - so typical of their ages.

Here is a close up of the one I made. Sorry about the awful picture, my camera is not the best and I am no photographer.

Here they are hanging above the kitchen table. Oh how they make the kitchen smell lovely. We may have to make a few more of these for the rest of the house.

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